1. What exactly does your company do?

Full Design—Architecture, Interior Design, and Facility Planning & Construction Services…along with support services to include, real estate, demographic research, and project management assistance.

2. At What Point Should I Consider A Need For Your Services?

Make sure to contact us as soon as you consider opening, renovating, or expanding your office. We can help you save money on the process!

3. Can I have you perform only selected services?

Yes, packages and custom services are available.

4. Why is the design image of my office important?

It is the first impression that your patients and future patient receives. It sets the stage for your professionalism, progressive knowledge, and a welcoming experience.

5. How will an attractive and well planned office improve my bottom line?

It is a proven fact that an inviting, attractive appearance will cause a patient to feel their healthcare is in the best qualified hands possible. A well planned office will create efficiencies and time savings. Also, a nice design and tastefully decorated office causes your patients to talk to others about your practice. Subsequently, a poor planned and subpar image creates doubt as to the quality and up to date knowledge of the Chiropractor. and can be broadcast to others and reflect a negative light.

6. What is the best way for my office to reflect my practice goals?

Design is a very subjective thing that is best performed by an accredited professional to bring function, flow, balance, and impact to the space in a uniformed and systematic manner.

7. How much do your services cost?

We have services that range from the “Do it Yourself” to “Complete Design, Engineering, Construction, and Furnishing Service”. As an example, we offer services for less than $200 such as Consultative services that can be performed on a hourly basis, and project planning services (defined as our “Goal Setter Timeline Package”). Our full service package includes complete Design and Construction Services and is priced individually per project.

8. What geographical areas do you offer your services?

We offer complete Design services Nationwide and varying levels of Construction services depending on geographical location.

9. How do we get started and how much does it cost?

Contact us for a quick overview of your situation. We offer a Free Complimentary Consultation to help you understand the process of the “Event” you are considering. We also establish where you are in the process and suggest your next steps.

Often, a great place to start is with our “Goal Setter Timeline Package,” where we establish a realistic timeline and a detail checklist to manage & determine what and how to best complete your project.

10. How much does it cost per square foot to build-out a new office?

This construction cost can vary dramatically depending on the type of project and its scope of work level. As an example, sometimes a fresh updated paint scheme can do wonders; and at a price starting under $ 500. If the scope of work is a new office vanilla box build-out (a space that has the mechanical, electrical & plumbing infrastructure, but no interior walls) we typically see this cost starting around $20-$30 per square foot and up to $55-$75

11. Do you offer financing for projects?

We currently do not offer financing, but are actively researching various lenders and anticipate being able to provided various financing sources in the near future. Also, in the case of a new office lease, CrossFields may be able to assist you to receive favorable tenant improvement allowance and a payment schedule to off-set construction related expenses.

12. Can you provide real estate help?

First, before you start to look, we offer a Real Estate Search Package that establishes the key size and building/development parameters to insure your Real Estate agent is focused and searching for best location choices available. This saves you time and money. Next, we can partner and/or interface with independent Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firms to insure you get the proper design and construction input/council before you sign your lease.

13. Can you provide market research on where to locate and why?

We recommend our Client’s start by utilizing an online demographic source to determine some key statistics; then you should drive the proposed area to get a physical feel for community. With this base knowledge, we believe the Commercial Real Estate agent should be able to provide additional and confirming key demographic and slated development activity for the area. We also can direct you to an independent demographic research company that can provide you additional insight into the selected area, including other criteria such as location and number of competing practices.

14. Why would I hire you over another Architect?

There are several reasons: a) we specialize in Chiropractic Offices, and therefore understand your needs and functions on a significantly deeper level; b) we are a single company with architecture, interior design and construction professionals under one roof, allowing us to harness and integrate this knowledge and expertise into your design solution without compromise; c) we are heavily focused on the building’s interior, allowing us to create an architectural interior design that establishes your desired practice image, enhances patient experience, and addresses all details, such as furnishing, décor, and proper layout for equipment. Because our knowledge of construction, we design with-in budget the first time. For more information, please see The CrossFields Differences.

15. Why would I hire you over another Contractor?

The main reason is because we are both a design and construction firm equally. We will not only help establish a budget up front and focus to meet it but, as a design firm, we first evaluate and qualify your design plans and add the impact to meet your budget then, produce your permit drawings and assure as a team you get what you expected. And we specialize in Chiropractic office. For more information, please see The CrossFields Differences.

16. Will you provide interior decorating services only?

Yes. If you have found space without our previous services, or you want an update to an existing space, we offer a service that will develop paint scheme, flooring types, and key accent/impact areas/zones. This package is called “Furnishings & Finishes DIY Package”.

17. At what point in this process should I consider engaging your services?

If this is your first project, we believe you should get us involved in the very beginning (typically 12 to 18 months before you plan on opening). If you are have an existing office, and it has been some time since you have gone through the process, we believe you will be well served to have us assist you with some preliminary planning. Each project is unique with different circumstances and goals. Therefore regardless of whether you have just come up with the idea or have already started down the track, we likely can assist you in some manner that will benefit your end result. Contact us for a Free Complimentary Consultation to review your situation, establish where you are in the process and suggest your next steps.