Chiropractic Office LogoWhen deciding how to brand your Chiropractic office environment, remember to accentuate your logo.

The paint colors, textures, and materials you choose should also compliment your logo to convey the image you would like to portray, which includes your brand, culture, and identity.

Your logo should be prominently displayed

When designing your office, we love to place your logo on a “feature wall” typically behind the front desk, so it is the first thing patients see when they walk in the office. Engaging patients early on is important to do. New patients should be able to remember the name of your practice and understand your core values after visiting your office for the first time.

Size and positioning are critical

Your logo won’t make a positive impression if it is too small or hard to read. The font type and size should be large enough.  To be read from 30’ away, the letters needs to be at least 3” high. Your logo should be large enough to make an impact, and centered at eye level, about 60” to 65” above the floor to the center of the logo to connect with your clients.

Legibility of your logo

Negative space, contrast, and clarity should be considered. Negative space is the space around and between your logo. Your logo should contrast with the background it is on. We often put a dark logo on a light background, or a shiny logo on a textured background, like stacked stone. Clarity refers to how well your patients can perceive your logo.

Costs of Logo Signs

Of the offices included in our portfolio on our website, the average cost for logo signs ranges from $600-$900 installed depending on the size, material, and mounting style you choose. We have featured logos of many styles.  Our most typical are:

Acrylic plaque with applied vinyl, often on standoffs or cables

Chiropractic Office Logo

Acrylic plaque with raised logo or type

Chiropractic Office Logo

Individual letters or logo applied directly to the wall

Chiropractic Office Logo

CrossFields can help elevate your office by providing logo consultation to determine a personalized solution for you and by working with your local sign company to ensure the desired finished result for the biggest impact. To find out more, please contact us for a Complimentary Consultation.

Kelly Owen

Kelly Owen is Project Designer/ Design Manager for CrossFields. She has 10 years of experience in the interior design industry, most recently in corporate retail design and franchise restaurant design. She began her career in residential design and staging model homes. She graduated from Georgia State University with her BFA in Studio Art: Interior Design and has been NCIDQ certified for 6 years. Kelly enjoys both the analytical and creative sides of interior design- space planning and developing layouts & selecting colors and finishes. She is excited to help promote the chiropractic industry as she is a chiropractic patient herself. Kelly and her husband Corey have one daughter and are active in their community church.